Alpha Seeds vs Beta Needs 

This page will help you understand the idea that women are sexually attracted to and desire to sleep with the 'Alpha' men of the world.

Once a woman has a hard time competing with other younger women for the attention of these 'Alphas' - she will settle for getting a 'Beta' man to commit to her and provide for herself and her children. 

Alpha Seeds and BetaMon Needs Explained

Press 'play' below to learn the redpill truth and Alpha Seeds/Beta Needs


Video Summary

0 - 1:26 - The goal is to expose this 'trap' women set

1:27 - 6:05  - The Alpha seeds explained with 'Chad' and 'Tyrone'

6:06 - 8:08  - The Beta needs explained with 'Harry' and 'Minkus'

8:09 - 16:02  - What is A 'BetaMon'?

16:03 - 19:54  - The timeline of how this all plays out

19:55 - 28:53  - Why do guys still fall for this game? 

28:54 - 36:14  - The Paternity Fraud Epidemic

36:15 - 49:11 - A real life example of Alpha Seeds Beta Needs

49:12 - End of Video -  In Conclusion don't be a BetaMon victim


The Goal :
Expose the 'Trap' Women Set for Men

Keep this simple fact in mind.  Women want to sleep with the 'Alpha' men in her younger days - maybe even have a child with this guy.

While eventually finding a 'Beta' man to provide for her security and needs as she gets older.  

AKA Beta Pays (for woman), Alpha Slays (that woman)

The Alpha Seeds Explained : 
(1:27 - 6:05 of video above)

Quite simply the Alpha Seeds are fulfilling a woman's most basic instincts of survival/reproduction.  

She wants a man with good genes for breeding purposes...
She wants a man with strength to protect her from danger...
She wants a man that could raise her social status.

*For a more in-depth video about the 6 'Sixes' a Woman desires in a man watch video here on my blog*

The Beta Needs Explained :
(6:06 - 8:08 of video above)

This man feeds a woman's most basic NON-sexual wants and desires.

This is a man that will worship her presence.
This is a man that will provide for her financially.
This is a man that will be a caring father/husband.

*Note* This man is treated with far less respect and sexual appeal than she treats the 'Alpha'

Breaking Down the 'BetaMon' Man :
(8:09 - 16:02 of main video above)

Think of women as Pokemon trainers.  The idea is that as soon as a woman sees you as a 'Beta' of some sort... she tries to 'capture' you to save for later.

So modern women walk around with a bunch of PokeBalls strapped around their waist filled with 'BetaMon' men that she throws out to meet some of her different 'Beta provider' needs.

She has a different type of Beta for different circumstances.  But she has very little or no sexual interest in any of them.

Here's an example of the BetaMon 'free meal' guy...


*BetaMon = Gray texts
*Woman = Blue texts

This woman is using this Hedge Fund analyst as a 'free meal' BetaMon.  

She doesn't have the 'spark' or the sexual chemistry with this man, SO she uses him for what he can provide her with.

This guy probably spent hundreds of dollars on this night for her... 

*BetaMon = Gray texts
*Woman = Blue texts

Even though this woman had just texted "Wish you weren't leaving" to this guy...

She kept him strung around just so she could get a nice expensive Valentine's Day dinner and then she dropped the bomb on him right when she got home...

But how sweet, nice and thoughtful of her to offer her 'friendship' to this guy after playing with his heart.  

Keep the Betas in 'Orbit' -
(Not mentioned in main video above)

A woman's plan is to basically gather and keep as many of these 'Betas' in orbit around her...

So that WHEN she needs a man to 'settle down' with she has these 'backup plans' all ready to go for her.  

These are her beta orbiters.

*For a video about this and how women categorize men as Alphas or Betas watch video here on my blog*

The Timeline of How This Plays Out :
(16:03 - 19:54 of main video above)

Typically these days women want to 'date around' and experience a lot of these 'Alpha men' from the moment she hits puberty to around 30 years old.

Around 30 - that is when women start to hit the 'Wall' where her looks and her fertility decrease, meaning she is 'less valuable' to a lot of these Alpha men that she wants.

This is when she looks back into her 'BetaMon' rotation to try to pick one to 'settle with'.  

(Not mentioned in main video above)

There usually comes a time in every woman's life where she has a sudden 'change' in her mindset.

From the outside looking in it will look as though this woman has finally grown up and matured.  

This is what us men need to be cautious of...

*For more on The Wall watch video here or search The Wall on my blog*

What is 'The Wall'? 
(Not mentioned in main video above)

Right around 30 years old (different factors affect different women) is when you will see this 'switch' take place.

An average 30-year old woman will not be able to compete looks wise with an average 20-year old woman.    

Also... after 30 years old, it will become more and more difficult for her to have a healthy pregnancy... meaning many men that want to have a family will rule her out.  


When THE WALL Wins Beware Betas :
(Not mentioned in main video above)

The danger here is that when a woman finally realizes she needs to 'settle' with a Beta... she looks at that as defeat.

So whatever 'Beta' Bob she settles with, she will treat that guy with a level of disrespect and disdain that she NEVER treated the Alphas with.

I call this The Curse of Hypergamy

Women will ADMIT this Alpha Seeds Beta Needs game to you...

The Curse of Hypergamy :
(Not mentioned in main video above)

The reason this is not a happy ending for the Beta is that as a woman continuously dates around - her Hypergamy keeps raising her own standards of what she is shooting after.

So after tasting a bunch of Alpha men when she was younger, her Hypergamy sets a really high standard that her aging body cannot cash in on.

So... she settles for a man she sees as a 'beta' and takes him for granted or ignores him

*For a more in-depth video about  'The Curse of Hypergamy'  watch video here on my blog*

Why Do Men Still Fall for This Game? :
(19:55 - 28:53 of main video above)

Most guys are properly brainwashed by women and mainstream media to think that a woman just needed to 'get it out of her system' and now she has 'matured' and is ready for the next chapter in her life.

Most men don't ever see this 'curtain pulled back' and take what we call the 'redpill' about female nature.

So in their own lives, when a woman says she is 'tired of guys who play games' most men take her at her word and naively think they can just 'live happily ever after' with this emotionally damaged woman.  

Women will ADMIT this Alpha Seeds Beta Needs game to you...

The Paternity Fraud Epidemic-
(28:54 - 36:14 of main video above)

This is the BIG RISK to be wary of:  

Women today are playing this game in very serious ways - in the United States guess what percentage of men are UNKNOWINGLY raising someone else's children and actually think it is their own...?

Multiple studies showed over 30% of men tested were shocked to find out they were NOT actually the biological fathers of their children.  

That.  Is.  Terrifying. 

(And the United States isn't even the leading country in Paternity Fraud cases... I believe Jamaica is)  

Paternity fraud is no joke...

This is truly heartbreaking. There are no words to explain how this would feel.

A Real Life Example of This Game -
(36:15 - 49:11 of main video above)

As a man in his 30s... I now see a lot of this Alpha Seeds Beta Needs story happen in real life around me.

This part in the video talks about a woman I was sleeping with for years and years in her 20s and as soon as she hit 30 years old... 

She found herself a BetaMon to settle with.  

Don't Be a BetaMon Victim... -
(49:12 - End of main video above)

Knowing what you know now, it is important to be smart and be aware as a man.

If you start to feel like you are being treated as a 'BetaMon'

(Maybe a woman is only reaching out to you when she NEEDS something from you)

Cut it off, and re-focus yourself on your mission or purpose in life.

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