The CURSE of Hypergamy

 Video Recap : When you understand the true nature of Hypergamy and you understand how our society has shaped women to EMBRACE their Hypergamy... you realize Hypergamy has now become a CURSE

Why is it that more and more men deciding to go their own way and live the MGTOW philosophy?

It's because the way of the traditional 'relationship' just does not work anymore with how our society has conditioned us to act and behave.

Because of hypergamy - women now have all of the options in the world and all of the justification and 'empowerment' to explore all of these options.

The redpill men out there KNOW that this is a disaster waiting to happen.

It can be a lot of fun for a woman to sleep around... HOWEVER... it will destroy the ability to be content and SATISFIED with a monogamous partner long term.

Because of this - a traditional 'relationship' just isn't worth the risk for men.

With this information you can do whatever you want... I still enjoy the 'dating' part of the game, I just don't play into that whole relationship part anymore.

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