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Get women to chase you

By learning how to 'control the frame' early in your conversations


If you are struggling to get women to chase after and pursue you - don't feel bad - most men have no clue how to create this dynamic


But here is one of the little secrets...

You have to lead and control the interaction early on in order to get women actually pursuing you.

Think about it - 

Most men are what I call a Betamon (or a Simp) meaning that MOST MEN are chasing after and pursuing women trying to 'win her over'

So... women are not going to just 'chase' you out of nowhere.

They need to be COMPELLED to chase

And in todays world with women having so many options from social media and online dating - 

You HAVE to control the frame EARLY so you stand out and she sees from the beginning that you are the prize that she must pursue to get


The great thing about online dating is if you know the RIGHT way to set up your online dating profile bio, you can create a 'challenge' that will trigger women into messaging you first

(which I teach you how to do step-by-step in my PrinceFlix VIP Membership)


Then from the start you can get a woman playing into your 'frame' which makes everything else easier and easier



Watch the video above for the detailed breakdown and if you want the FULL video of this breakdown where I show you exactly what I said to get her to text me

(again - her pursuing and chasing me)

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