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If a Woman Rejects You...

Respond like THIS (text training video)


Being able to show ‘emotional endurance’ and control your emotions will help you deal with any situation in a confident way.


In this specific text example with a woman, she texted me when she was drunk and wanted to hangout. 

I was out of town so I couldn’t hangout, but the next day she sent me a sober message saying that she should not have texted me and she isn’t in a place to be able to hangout.

(She just recently got out of a long relationship and when she drunk texted me, she was texting based on an EMOTIONAL whim)

Even though I DID want to see her, as a man that has Emotional Endurance, I was able to reply in a very cool, calm, and collected manner. 

I gave her the space she needed to think things through.

A couple weeks later, she reached out again and was emotionally ready to hangout and we had a great time. 


Remember - practice Emotional Endurance ALWAYS and it will ALWAYS pay off in the long run.


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