TikTok Woman Tells Truth on Hitting 'The Wall'


We get to explore a theory I have about #TheWall in this one, and we get to hear a tiktok woman tell the truth on hitting 'the wall' and what her life would be like if she DIDN'T smash into The Wall.  I wanna hear your guys take on this one for sure - and shoutout to  @CoachGregAdams  - his instagram is where I found the 3 videos of the fine young women so check his channel out.

So what is 'the wall'?

The Wall is the period of time that someones value decreases significantly to the overall market.

In football - take the NFL (National Football League) and you could say a running back in the NFL USUALLY hits 'the wall' at about 30 years old.

That means once a running back hits 30, you will rarely see their 'best days' as a running back.

They are on the decline so no NFL team is willing to pay top dollar because they would rather pay for a younger running back that has more juice left in the tank.

How does this relate to women?

Well - it's typically known that 30 years is about the age when a woman also starts to hit this 'wall'.

Of course depending on the individual woman and the choices she makes in her own life, this 'wall' can hit sooner or later - but on average it is 30 years old.


Because after 30 a woman's ability to give a man healthy children decreases significantly.

A woman's looks are usually on the decline.

And her body is also on the decline.

When a woman is young, healthy, and beautiful she is in her PRIME years - but once she hits 30 she is now competing with younger, more beautiful, and more fertile women.

We have spent a lot of time in the past breaking down how this is different for men compared to women, but in this particular video you get to hear a woman's perspective on how this process plays out.

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