Why 'Nice Guys' Finish Last (Podcast Ep 22)


In episode 22 we are talking about 'nice guys' and why nice guys finish LAST in the dating market. 

In this podcast Czar and Adam breakdown what a 'nice guy' is and WHY that is unattractive to women.  There is truth that women may say they want a 'nice guy' but that is only partially true.  

Women want the absolute total package of a masculine man with ambition, drive, charisma, and he also can be 'nice' to her.  

However if a woman had to choose between a 'bad boy' or a 'nice guy' she picks the bad boy every time because he is more exciting and challenging.

The BEST combination is to be a good guy at heart but with the 'bad boy' traits infused into your personality and 'Game' so that you become that total package.


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