The 6 Laws of Modern Dating (Podcast Ep 23)


 In episode 23 we are discussing 6 Laws of Modern Dating to help men survive and thrive in today's dating market. 

In this podcast Czar and Adam go through 6 'Laws' to think about when dating women today.  These are ideas that you can use yourself, or if you have your own Laws you live by, make sure to stand firm on them.

1:16 - LAW 1 : Prioritize Yourself First
When you put a woman before your purpose and the hobbies you enjoy, she will slowly lose respect and attraction for you.

7:08 - LAW 2 : Dating is a Game.  And Games are FUN.

The sooner you reframe your mindset to enjoy the process and 'games' of dating and attraction, the better you will get.  Think of learning 'Game' as any other video game you play... you start at level 1 and have to work your way to the higher levels. 

16:39 - LAW 3 : A Woman Must Always Knows These 2 Things...

1) You have the ability to walk away from her and the relationship.
2) Other women are attracted to you

21:05 - LAW 4 : If You Show You NEED a Woman More Than She Needs You... You LOSE

Once a woman sees by your words and/or actions that you 'NEED' her in some way more than she needs you... GAME OVER.  Even if the relationship continues, it is a slow dwindling death if you continue showing and telling her that you need her more than she needs you. Remember women want a man that they can look UP to - it's hard to look up to someone who is NEEDY.  

24:20 - LAW 5 : You Will Never Try to Impress Her, Buy Her, or Be Overly Nice to Her

The more you freely give things away to women, the less they value it.  That means help a woman stay ENGAGED in the attraction process by making her work for and earn things.   When she earns a fun date, or earns a sweet compliment from you, they will be far more impactful because she had to work for it.  

32:04 - LAW 6 : Silence is a Weapon for You to Use

If a woman isn't showing effort when she texts you... use silence.  It is not your burden to initiate and keep every conversation going.  If she doesn't do her part or show effort, then give it a break by not responding.  Silence can be your weapon.  



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