Hypergamy and Monkey Branching in Women

This page will help you understand the idea of a woman's innate Hypergamy (always wanting the 'highest status' man that she thinks she can attain) and when a woman acts on that Hypergamy by 'moving up' or upgrading to a man she sees as even 'higher status' than her current man (called Monkey Branching)

Hypergamy and Monkey Branching Explained

Press 'play' below to learn 2 critical redpill truths about women...


Video Summary

0 - 3:51 - The definition of 'monkey branching'

3:52 - 6:39  - The definition of Hypergamy

7:44 - 13:08  - When and WHY does Monkey Branching happen?

13:09 - 16:44  - Modern Hypergamy in women is not Realistic

16:45 - 19:13  - Society praises Monkey Branching today

19:14 - 21:14  - She has to tame her Hypergamy 'She Hulk' 

25:47 - 27:20  - The short-term solution to this

27:21 - 28:43 - The long-term solution to this

28:44 - 30:49 -  Hypergamy ISN'T Romantic

30:50 - End of Video  - Ladies share their 'dark confessions' 


The Goal :
Be Aware So You Aren't Burned

Learning about Hypergamy and Monkey Branching isn't to get you upset and riled up.

It is to PREPARE you for some of the truths about women that you'll never hear from your mom, dad, teachers, or mainstream media. 

Try looking at this 'redpill' content as a neutral scientist - just studying it without getting your emotions involved 

What is Monkey Branching? : 
(0 - 3:51 of video above)

Monkey branching is the idea that women move on from relationships much faster than men do.  

In many cases, a woman will already have a new man lined up (a new branch that she is already holding onto)

BEFORE she is going to get rid of her old man (before she lets go of her old branch).

What is Hypergamy? :
(3:52 - 6:39 of video above)

The theory is that Hypergamy is inside every woman and causes women to seek out and desire the best protector/provider that she can attain or get to commit to her.

This helps ensure from a biological standpoint that her children and herself will be looked after and provided for.  

Hypergamy explained in 51 seconds by Jordan Peterson & Joe Rogan

WHY Does Monkey Branching Happen? :
(7:44 - 13:08 of main video above)

Why it happens - to put it simply - is when a woman FEELS she can do better and can attain a 'higher-status' man than the one she is currently with.  

Monkey branching typically happens when a woman meets a NEW branch (new man) or when a woman's OLD branch (current man) exhibits 'beta' or low-status behaviors and traits.

*For a more in-depth video about Monkey Branching you can watch video here on my blog*

The Problem with Modern Hypergamy :
(13:09 - 16:44 of main video above)

 This part is big.  In today's digital dating world, women can meet men from ALL OVER THE WORLD.  

An 'average' woman on a dating app can get dates and sex from men that realistically would be 'out of her league' in the old days.

But the problem is - a woman's innate hypergamy is getting TRICKED into thinking she is able to 'attain' these high-status men.

This throws off the 'dating ecosystem' for basically everyone involved.  Average women today have insanely high egos and standards in the dating market.  

The Problem with Monkey Branching :
(16:45 - 19:13 of main video above)

Another problem today is that modern society PRAISES this monkey branching type behavior.

There are TV shows, movies, and books encouraging women to be 'empowered' single women and that she 'doesn't need no man'.

Society is TEMPTING women to sleep around, try out all the different types of men, and then NEVER SETTLE unless a man worships you.

She Has to Tame Her Hypergamy 'She Hulk' -
(19:14 - 21:14 of main video above)

Think of a woman's Hypergamy as a 'Hulk' monster inside of her.  The more men she dates, and the more men she sleeps around with, this feeds her 'Hulk' inside and it becomes stronger.

The stronger it becomes, the harder time she will have resisting the urge for her Hypergamy to win over and her to want to 'monkey branch' to a new man.

What's the Solution to This? -
(25:47 - 27:20 of main video above)

Because so many women have this hungry She-Hulk of Hypergamy waiting to strike and yell into the woman's ear "Leave this guy, you can do better!"

This is why it is so crucial for men today to learn 'game'.  For instance when a man can be mysterious, unpredictable, and unavailable to women - she cannot get a read on him.

If she can't figure a guy out, then her Hypergamy She-Hulk stays entertained and calm - meaning she isn't looking for other men, she is just looking at how to get YOU.  

The 'Long-Term' Solution... -
(27:21 - 28:43 of main video above)

Now comes the tricky part... if today's women have their 'Hypergamy She Hulk' ready to scream 'MOVE ON TO A NEW GUY' if she feels she 'has you' or has a man invested and committed to her...

How can you keep her 'entertained' and 'engaged' if you are married to her?

Many men are starting to ask this question and step away from the marriage idea completely.  

Hypergamy ISN'T Romantic -
(28:44 - 30:49 of main video above)

You MUST understand this as a man.  Her Hypergamy is looking out strictly for herself and her children.  Period.

Her Hypergamy does not factor YOU, the man, in.  It does not care about you.

SHE may care about you, but when her Hypergamy decides she needs to move on, her Hypergamy will be ruthless and it will take over her decisions.  

Ladies Dark Confession Time -
(30:50 - End of main video above)

When I tell you 'Hypergamy is not romantic' these are some examples of what I mean.

This part isn't for the faint of heart but if you can really understand that when these women are so willing to 'betray' their men in a sense, it is her HYPERGAMY SHE HULK talking.

Once you wake that She-Hulk up, she will drive you crazy by 'testing' you and constantly nagging you because the 'She-Hulk' is feeling like she can do better, but feels trapped in whatever relationship she is in.  

(I don't feel bad for this 'She-Hulk', but I try to understand it)

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