Monkey Branching 101 Explained (animated)


We all hear about the term 'monkey branching'. This is breaking down WHY it is that women seem to move on from relationships faster than min do.


One of the mysteries of the relationship world (until you dig into the redpill) is WHY and HOW women are seemingly able to move on from relationships way faster than men do?


You may have experienced it.

You may know some buddies that have experienced it.

But the idea is that in many cases a woman has already lined up a new 'man' or a new 'prospect' BEFORE she breaks up with her old man.

This leaves many men a total wreck after a breakup because to a lot of these men, they didn't even see the breakup coming, and all of the sudden their 'girl' already seems to have a new man and she seems fine moving on.

That is because women 'breakup' with you far before they actually split up with you

This goes back to a survival mechanism for women called Hypergamy.  In history, a woman NEEDED to be absolutely sure she had 'picked' the highest status male that she could attain to make babies with.

Think about it - she would be extremely vulnerable for 9 months and needed to rely on a high-status man to protect and provide for her.


I know we are simplifying things but...


When a woman finds a man that she FEELS is higher value or higher status and she thinks she can actually attain this new man, then she will attempt to reach UP for that new branch.

Once she has actually GRABBED the branch (meaning she is getting signs or signals from this new man that he wants her) then she will drop that bottom branch (her old man) as she swings up to the newer man.


Again - this can look way worse if you are in the situation but when you look at it like a scientist and take your emotions out of it, it can make your life a lot easier 



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P.S.  All of my texting and messaging strategies take into account hypergamy and a woman's 'monkey branching' tendencies - so when you follow my strategies they are designed to NATURALLY build attraction and keep her chasing after and wanting YOU so that 'monkey branching' never gets triggered (because she sees you as the absolutely highest value man in her life)

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