Taking the Dating 'Redpill'

Open your eyes to the REAL truths about female nature, dating, and relationships in the year 2023

Essential RedPill Truths

-Hypergamy and Monkey Branching
-Alpha Seeds vs Beta Needs
-The Bachelorette 5 Redpill Dating Truths 
-STOP Putting Women on a Pedestal
-Women All Keep a Rotation of Men (coming soon)

Hypergamy and Monkey Branching

This page will be breaking down the idea of a woman's innate Hypergamy (always wanting the 'highest status' man that she thinks she can attain) and when a woman acts on that Hypergamy by 'moving up' or upgrading to a man she sees as even 'higher status' than her current man (aka monkey branching).  

If you've ever had a break-up with a woman and she immediately moved on to a new man, you'll want to watch this.  

Learn about Hypergamy and Monkey Branching

Alpha Seeds vs Beta Needs

This page will help you understand the idea that women are sexually attracted to and like to sleep with the 'Alpha' men of the world.

Once a woman has a hard time competing with other younger women for the attention of these 'Alphas' she will try to get a 'Beta' man to commit to her and provide for herself and her children.

Make sure you aren't a woman's little 'BetaMon toy' by knowing what to look out for

Learn about Alpha Seeds vs Beta Needs

5 BAD Dating Habits The Bachelorette Teaches Men

This video breaks down an episode of The Bachelorette to bring awareness to how reality shows like these teach BAD habits for men, and totally unrealistic expectations for women.  

Watch as we expose 5 redpill dating truths that all men need to know about in todays dating world.

Watch 5 BAD Habits the Bachelorette Teaches

Stop Putting Women on a Pedestal
(Treat Her like an Equal)

This page will break down how to stop putting women on a pedestal.  Our society and culture has created an environment where many 'normal' situations that men put up with around women, are not actually 'normal' when you think logically.

Learn how to look at these situations with a 'redpill' filter so you don't get taken advantage of or treated like her little Beta 'Simp'

Learn to Stop Putting Women on a Pedestal

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