Women make it CLEAR when they want to hangout (text breakdown)

For today's texting tip we are going to keep it short and to the point.  

Texting Tip: Women will clearly give you signs when she is ready to hangout. When I say clearly I mean CLEARLY.

(She is the gray texts, I’m the blue)

Most men in todays world are left wondering WHEN is the right time to make a move and ask a woman out. 

That is because they don’t give women enough time and space for her to CLEARLY show when she wants to hangout.

She literally says 'weren't we supposed to hangout?'

If you take a stop and think about it, how easy would it be right now for me to hangout with her?

SUPER EASY.  But it is all because of how I have played it up and to this point.  She knows i'm busy, she knows I don't reply unless she puts a lot of effort in, and because of this, WHEN I want to hangout with her, she will move around any 'plans' she had in order to make it work.

Yes... my texts might be an extreme example because as you can see I’m not texting her back for a couple days, but again there is learning in this.

A lot of men come to me ‘scared’ that if they take their time to respond to women that they will ‘miss their chance’ but in reality the LESS you do, the MORE she has room to do.

In this case she texted me 6 times before getting a response.

She even sent a meme about "knowing how Tinkerbell feels when she doesn't get enough attention".

Guys this is a MAJOR CLUE.  She wants attention from me.  WHY?

Because I don't freely give her my time and attention.  Another key point for men dating today.

It doesn’t always need to be this extreme, but it’s good to show you what it looks like when women are chasing and pursuing a man.

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