Why Jealousy Can Ruin Relationships

A woman can understand here and there if you show a little jealousy... it shows you are human.  

BUT consistent patterns of emotional outbursts like jealousy becomes an issue long-term in the dating world.  

Nothing screams ‘I HAVE INSECURITIES ABOUT MYSELF!’ faster than a jealousy outburst.

 Although this is curable, this will take some discipline to correct permanently.  

I, however, can show you many ways to completely disguise this trait from a woman while you are working on yourself in the meantime.

Men are supposed to be the rock in a relationship:  

Think of being emotionally steady… never too high and never too low.  It needs to be consistent so she can trust your presence as a man. 

When you show signs of anger through your texting, it opens up a whole can of fears and doubts in her mind about you. 

If you aren’t able to stay in control of YOUR emotions, how can she rely on you to be there for her when SHE is getting emotional? 







Handling your emotions is one of the most

attractive habits you can learn as a man.

Showing too much jealousy: 

When she is hanging out with her friends, do you constantly ask her:
“Who else is going to be there?”
Problem: No one likes to feel babysat. 

This puts her in the ‘defensive mode’ and makes her worry that you will get upset if any other guy shows up that she didn’t expect. 

In time this will lead to her possibly ‘lying’ just to prevent a fight from happening, eventually creating a resentful, unhealthy, and NOT fun relationship.   






Set her FREE.  Instead of worrying who she
is with, show her you trust her by a simple,
"Have a great time with your friends tonight"


Realize how good YOU feel when people trust you and don't question everything you do.  

Now try to give that same freedom to the woman you are interested in.  

If she chooses you then great, and if not... there will ALWAYS be another great woman out there for you so let this one go.

If this is really hard for you to do (we have all been there) then work on yourself FIRST.  

This means reading self-development books,
 watching inspirational documentaries, and finding good role-models to learn from.

Keep improving,




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