When she nags, it's time to Leave


Going back to the principle that as men as should NOT be putting women on a pedestal... I present to you a common situation or scenario that men commonly fail with.

This is the last scenario - scenario 5 about texting women.

Now whether you are a bachelor like myself and just date for fun but aren't looking for a serious relationship...

OR whether you are in a serious relationship...

This scenario WILL come up in multiple different ways.

So imagine a woman says to you

"When I text you I know your phone is on you so I expect a quick reply"

Many men FOLD.  Many men think that picking this battle is not worth it, so they stop what they are doing and make sure to 'check in' with their girl.

So the next time you are tempted to do that, put on your Superman Non-Simp Filter and ask yourself this same question.

If a man says to you

"When I text you I know your phone is on you so I expect a quick reply"

How would you react to that?  Would you drop everything to make sure to please this guy that needs you to constantly 'check in' with him?

No you wouldn't.  And if you did comply to him than you are a total pussy.

So... the question again becomes - WHY do you give special treatment to her?

Most men will never get past the thirst of needing sex from a woman so they comply trying to 'keep her happy' 

But not realizing that by constantly complying to her demands you are actually making her wet little Pink Stink dry up like a box of raisins. 


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince



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