THIS phrase describes MGTOW men and Bachelors


If you have heard the term MGTOW before and weren't really sure what it meant, I am going to make it really simple with this video.

MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way and is a philosophy/mindset/way of life that in my opinion can be summed up in a really simple way...

MGTOW men are aggressively single.

That pretty much sums it up.  Bachelors that aren't 'looking' for women.

There is still a wide variety of different lifestyles... some men go off the grid and don't want to rely on anyone else for survival and truly go their OWN WAY.

Other men (myself included) still date and hangout with women, but just don't see the benefits or rewards of committing too seriously.

And these men definitely see the DANGERS of something like marriage.

So again - I think in a really simplified version of what MGTOW men can be summed up as... 

"aggressively single"

That might save you some time and headaches from trying to explain the entire MGTOW philosophy, you can just simply tell people you are aggressively single and happy to live life solo.

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