This is a High-Status Masculine Mindset


This video is going to dive into the 'high-status' mindset that all men should encompass...

Which can be summed up as simple : Always Looking to Improve

The way to fully unplug from this mind matrix we live in is to eventually become your own 'slave-master' or basically the captain of your ship.

In order to get there, you MUST develop a purpose or mission in life to strive towards in order to continually be growing as a man.

To each man his mission or purpose may be different.  But if you can develop the mindset of ALWAYS LOOKING TO IMPROVE...

Then think about it.

Whenever you achieve a new goal - you will then set a higher goal.

Whenever you accomplish a project - you will then challenge yourself to do it even better the next time.

So - whether you have a 'mission' /'purpose' in life right now or not, don't even worry.

Focus your attention on constant improvement.

Not in comparison with others, simply in comparison with yourself.

Then life becomes fun everyday




If a man is always looking to improve, he will constantly set goals for himself and keep himself committed to finding a purpose in life and finishing whatever mission he starts.

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