Texting Mistakes : Being Too Eager = Friend Zone


This video we will be breaking down 3 reasons why being too 'eager' or seeming too 'eager' in your interactions with women will get you friend zoned.

The most critical step when starting to improve your 'text game' with women is understanding your weaknesses. 

When you like a girl, it can be hard to not be an Eager Earl.

I know the feeling, you don't want to 'miss your chance with her'.

You want to make sure she knows you are serious about her.

But the problem is,

when a girl KNOWS that you don't want to miss your chance
and you are constantly trying to let her know that you're serious,

she starts looking for someone to replace you on top of her list. 


You go from the: 

"I met this cute new guy the other day"

at the top of her list...


"This guy I gave my number to wont stop texting me"

and you get immediately moved down her list.


Here's how to fix this:

(answer these 3 questions again to see if this is you)

1. Are you usually the one that starts the text conversations with her?

2. Do you respond to her messages quicker than she responds to yours?

3. Are you the first to bring up hanging out? 


If you answered  "Yes" to any of those...

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You've recognized a weakness and now you're attacking the weakness with a proven solution, well done.  


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince

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