"How can you get over knowing the guy she left you for is better than you?"


This video is going to cover a question about how to get over knowing the woman you like left you for a 'better man'.

First off - I understand the feeling and no doubt it sucks.  

The good news is that I haven't felt that feeling for YEARS and you can do the same.  The secret is that you have to really start leveling up your own life.

The more you 'level-up' in your own life the more confident and accomplished you will start to feel.  The more confident and accomplished you start to feel, the less you will think that ANY guy is 'better than you'.

The bummer part about advice like that is that it takes time for you to see the results.  That is just the truth about the situation.

So how can you start to 'level-up'?

Start setting little goals for yourself that you can attain.  The more little wins you get, the more you will start to trust yourself and your ability to get things done.

Then you continue setting goals, each time making them bigger than before.

An example is that I started out in 2014 setting a Book Goal of books I wanted to read.  I started with the BIG SCARY goal of reading 10 books start to finish.

That was hard for me at the time.  But I got there.

Once I accomplished that, in 2015 I set a Book Goal of 25 books.   

That was hard for me at the time.  But I got there.

After that, in 2016 I set a Book Goal of 50 books.

That was hard for me at the time.  But I got there.

And eventually I made a book goal of hitting 100 books in 2017 and not only did I get there, I hit it again in 2018.


Long story short... 

When you start setting goals for yourself you start to trust yourself more.  I may have never had the balls to try and start a 'texting advice' business in 2016 had I not already started getting small wins from my book goals.

So start today - pick a goal - focus on something - make it attainable and COMMIT to achieving it.




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