MGTOW Saves Simps from the Plantation


My favorite part about being a content creator is hearing stories from men about how their life has changed for the better from learning some of these concepts we talk about.

This video is going to go over a message I got from a guy explaining how he went from being a 'blue-pilled simp' to finding purpose and leaving the Rat Race 'plantation' of living for a woman rather than yourself.

I don't wanna spoil the ending of his story so you may as well just scroll on up and watch the video - but what I will say is that MGTOW (men going their own way) is a beautiful philosophy that can help put men back on their path and purpose in life by focusing on the reality of the situation - and making clear-headed choices that MOST men in this world will not be able to make because they are still living that 'blue pilled' fake reality.

That is my quick little disclaimer that if you have never heard of MGTOW before... don't let the mainstream propaganda try to sway you into believing their definition of MGTOW, just do your own research and you will come to your own conclusions about how beneficial it can be in todays crazy culture.


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