Just Say NO to Gold Diggers


In this video I am going to be covering another common scenario that todays men are facing when dating... and that is when a woman is asking you to pay for her rent/travel expenses.

Sure - many men are happy to provide for a woman by paying for her to travel with them - but my question is WHY?

Think about it - Practice makes Permanent.

If you are paying for a woman's rent or for a woman to travel with you, just because she's a woman, you are practicing putting her (and other women) on a pedestal.

How do you know?

Go back to our SuperMan Filter from the past couple blog posts.

"If she were a man, would I still be doing this for her?"

Okay so now put a man in the scenario... he wants to be your roommate but he expects you to pay rent and you to pay for the groceries.

What do you get out of it?

You get his company as a roommate duh.

----- So ----- if you are NOT cool with that scenario then you have to ask yourself why you are cool with paying for a woman's rent.

How about this one...

A guy comes up to you and says

"Wouldn't it be great to travel to Paris together? 
Guess what... you get to pay".

How would you feel about that situation?

You probably would have some questions for this guy about why the heck you are paying and not him - 

So again - I won't tell another man how to live his life, but this is something you should be aware of and something you should be questioning...

Otherwise you will be strengthening that muscle of putting women on a pedestal and before you know it, you'll get burned with that mentality eventually.

Just know if this scenario happens to you, stand strong, and send her packing to the next guy.


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince

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