Is Feminism Ruining Relationships?


We got one more video here from NollaGirl on youtube where she is discussing if feminism is a cause for higher divorce rates.

And as a bigger picture - IF feminism is causing a higher divorce rate, is it also ruining relationships? Is it also ruining dating? Is it also ruining society?  Let's explore that concept in the video.

I have respect for NollaGirl for spitting some uncomfortable truths at her viewers.  She is one of the few women I have seen that seems to really grasp how dangerous 'feminism' is to both men and women.

She accurately points out that women are being lied to about feminism.

Many women are getting sucked into that idea of 'sleeping around' and really letting loose sexually as opposed to trying to investing in one man and one relationship.

The end result?

Many men are left with very few 'marriage material' women on the market... while the women themselves are putting off marriage for so long that when they DO decide to try to 'settle down' (many times once they hit around 30 years old) they are finding that men are not willing to commit to them at that point in their life.  

She does a great job explaining so make sure to watch the video. 

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