Get More ENERGY and FEEL more confident by doing this...

Video Recap:  Eating more fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you FEEL better and have more energy. 

Okay that is nothing new... I think we all know we are supposed to eat more fruits and vegetables.


By juicing, you are able to get a TON of nutrients into your diet in one small glass... therefor giving you a HUGE boost of energy/health.


That is where juicing comes into play.  

By drinking just 1 delicious fruit and veggie juice per day.  That 1 act will make you lose weight without any other change to your normal day.  Just make sure to get at least a decent-quality juicer (I have a Breville juicer, it works great).  

If you want to really go for top of the line then get a Best-Selling masticating juicer.


The Simple Process of Why People Over Eat:

1. Your brain craves nutrients (think Fruits and Veggies)

2. Most food in America lacks nutrients (processed foods/junk/convenience foods)

3. Your brain tells you to eat (you 'think' you are hungry)

4. You eat food with little nutrients (or none)

5. Your stomach is full, but your BRAIN is not (remember, it craves nutrients)

6. Your brain is still hungry (so you eat again... constantly in a rat race) 

Why Juicing is the Solution

Basically you get a TON of nutrients in just one (12 oz) juice.  So... your brain stays satisfied for longer, and your normal cravings subside.

Do you have to restrict anything?  NO

What will probably happen is you will start to feel so much better that you start juicing more often.

I went from 1 juice a day to now 2-3 a day.  You just FEEL better, and the pounds drop off easily.

How to Juice

1. Get vegetables and fruit you like (more veggies than fruit because of the high sugar in fruit juice)

2. Wash fruit and veggies then turn juicer on

3. Put fruit or veggies through juicer... it extracts the juice and spits the peels

4. Drink juice (I add a few ice cubes but your call)

5. Feel better, be happier, get sexier ;)
Want more information?  

Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (I have seen it about 5 times through, I love it)

Get a juicer - at worst just try 1 juice per WEEK.  You can definitely do that.  

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