The 80/20 Conversation Rule (Use This Today)


The 80 / 20 Conversation Cheat Code

This conversation technique is something that WILL work extremely well in conversations with women... but it will also work extremely well with ANYONE you meet and should be utilized as often as possible in your daily life.

 Here is the big 'cheat code'... in all of your conversations with PEOPLE, try your best to let them talk 80% of the time while you talk 20% or less.

The 'hidden' principle' is that human beings love to talk and feel listened to.  

That is no big secret, but how often in your life have you really made sure that you were talking no more than 80% in a 1-on-1 conversation?

Again - and dates with women this is a great attraction principles...

But even with your buddies, strangers, co-workers, etc it will just make you a more 'attractive' person to everyone.

They will be attracted to your ability to shut up and LISTEN.

There is one other big time skill to practice here

You must seem genuinely interested in the other person

I'll do another post about this soon to dive deeper, but the lesson for today is try to train yourself to talk LESS and listen MORE.



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