"How much do your looks matter to her?"


Today's video is answering a question I got from a guy asking -

How much do your looks matter to women?

Of course - we went down a few other paths in the video but the answer to the question is...

Looks matter a lot (and height) when you are online dating because she has a lot more options.

Looks matter less when you are in person (she cares more about your status/confidence/game)


So think about it in this way, the better looking you are and the taller you are, you need less 'game' to attract women.

The less good looking you are and the shorter you are, you need more 'game' to attract women.


With all women there is a certain threshold you MUST pass to even 'enter the race'

In the case of online dating apps, IF a woman matches with you and then she stops responding or unmatches you later, your looks were fine.

If you are not getting ANY matches on online dating apps but you consider yourself a good enough looking guy, you need to completely reconsider your pictures you are putting on your profile (I teach all of that in my online dating course Swipe Right or in my PrinceFlix VIP Membership).



So to circle back and answer the initial question, YES looks matter but they aren't everything.  Your looks will determine how much 'game' you need to have and how many 'social mistakes' you can make around her.

Better looking men get more slack from women.

Worse looking men get less slack from women.

Either way though, keep working on yourself to improve all areas of your life and continue to hone that 'I am the prize' mentality...

The women will come as a cherry on top as you continually improve your life.



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