Feminine Men always LOSE | Texting Tips for Men


This video we will be breaking down 3 reasons why needing 'validation' is incredibly unattractive to women because she will look at you as 'feminine' and think of you as 'one of the girls'.

Needing constant validation simply screams I AM NOT CONFIDENT IN MYSELF

Guess what happens to guys like this?

They get friend zoned and women slowly stop talking to them, making them even less confident.

The cycle continues and continues. Being a Validation Vinny is the single most destructive personality to your dating life. 



So how do you tell if you're a Validation Vinny?

1. Think of the last girl you texted that you really, really wanted to like you

2. Now imagine you sent her a text... and she never texted you back.

3. What is going through your mind right now?

Are you worried about what you said?  

Are you worried about what this means?


Be honest... 


If you are worried - then you have been seeking 'validation' whenever texting her.


Guys who are confident in themselves don't worry about 1 text.  They know it's no big deal.


Confidence is the key.



And when you enroll in Texting School, I guarantee you will feel a level of confidence you have never felt when texting a woman 



-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince



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