Do 'Nice Guys' Always get Played??


This video we will be breaking down 3 reasons why coming off as too much of a nice guy or a 'pleaser' is going to get you taken advantage of and played.


Are you a Pleaser Pete?  Let's find out.


I definitely used to be one. 


That is why I have a special place in my heart for any of you 'Pleaser Pete's' out there.

To the Pleaser Pete's...

You are the type of guy she SAYS she wants...

but doesn't go after.


The Pleaser Pete is every girls answer to

"What kind of guy are you looking for?"

Girl: "Oh you know, just a nice guy that treats me like a Princess and listens politely and would do anything for me"


So guys like you and me listen to what they are saying and act accordingly...


But does it work...?


F*CK NO :)

***The fix: Enroll in Texting School and immediately dive into LEVEL 3 : Fire and Forget


Pleaser Pete's are Friend Zoned... A LOT.


So how do you tell if you're being a pleaser to women?

  • Do you constantly ask to make sure she is doing ok?

  • WIll you say "Yes" to anything she asks you to do?

  • Do you try to agree with everything she says?

If you answered "Yes" to any one of these, then you are a Pleaser Pete.


So should you just become a complete jerk?


That is the lazy advice. 

Because becoming a 'jerk' will just teach you bad habits and eventually you'll end up burning bridges with both men and women in your life


Girls are instantly attracted to many of the qualities that a "jerk" portrays:

Confidence, Leadership, and Unavailability.


So the trick isn't to be a jerk. 


It's to understand WHAT traits of a 'jerk' women are initially attracted to...

And to understand WHAT traits of a 'jerk' will help you not get pushed around by other people in your life...

and take only those traits from the jerk while remaining a good guy overall. 

When a Pleaser Peter learns these traits, GAME OVER

I was a Pleaser Pete and when I learned how to embody the traits of a jerk without actually being a jerk, my success with women went off the charts. 

There is a simple trick to portraying these traits in texting that I have used ever since my days as a Pleaser Pete.  I call it "Fire and Forget".

It's in LEVEL 3 of Texting School and it's so simple and yet so powerful. 


-Adam Jordan
Founder of TextingPrince

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