Use Affirmations to Achieve Your Goals (part 2 of 2)


Your mind is an extremely powerful tool beyond our own comprehension.  In today's world, we get filled with so much negativity and criticism from the media and people in our life that our subconscious mind picks up on these 'thoughts' and buries them INSIDE of our minds.  They literally become thought HABITS conditioning your mind to think the same way over and over again.

This can be GREAT if you have programmed your mind for positive self-talk, success, and excellent thought habits.

However - it can SUCK if you have negative thought patterns in your mind (most people do).


In order to feel more confident, you can use affirmations to FEED your brain and subconscious mind the thoughts and goals you want to achieve, such as more confidence.


Watch the video above to really understand how you can start using affirmations to build POSITIVE thought habits for confidence.



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