Are Women IMPOSSIBLE to Impress?


Guys this one is important to hear...

This is Video 3 of Bill Burr and Bret Kreischer podcast where they talk about how it is nearly impossible to impress their wives anymore.

The basic idea is that these men bring up the fact that no matter what they do, their wives are never impressed.

If they make a certain amount of money, they mention that immediately their wives put them in check.

(Bill Burr made an interesting prediction that he thinks subconsciously these women don't want their husbands to get a big ego and end up leaving them for another woman, so as a survival mechanism these ladies constantly keep their men 'in check')

And this is part of reason why longterm commitments or marriage with MOST women these days becomes much more of a chore than you ever think.

Imagine being a single guy and taking a woman out to a nice, expensive restaurant

Part of the fun is that the woman would be appreciative and enjoy the entire experience because it is a treat for her.

However - when you get married whatever you bring to the table, as part of a woman's biological hypergamy, she is programmed to want MORE.

That means that if you bring your wife to a nice restaurant, that satisfies her ONCE but now to actually impress her you need to step it up to the next level.

Which just becomes EXHAUSTING

So as an overall strategy for you men out there, you gotta make women work for every experience you give her.

She needs to put in effort before you take her somewhere nice.

She needs to show appreciation before you treat her to things.

If ANY man tries to shower a woman with gifts or tries to impress her by taking her to the nicest places (without her EVER doing anything to work for it)

Then she will not appreciate the experience or the man delivering the experience.

There are a lot of 'truths' that have been hidden from men that you need to be aware of before you can fully live your life to the fullest as a man while limiting your unnecessary risks.

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