Are women 'chasing you' through text? (text breakdown)

Today i'm going to take you through a little moment in a recent text conversation I had with a woman which brings up a very important point here that most men never experience when dating women...

(and my goal is to make sure you don't become another one of those average boring guys in her phone)

*I am the blue texts, she is the gray texts

The 'Chase Game'

In any interaction with a woman there is someone ‘chasing’ and someone ‘getting chased’.  Even if it’s subtle there always is.

The problem is as men we are always taught to pursue and chase after women. Which means in 99% of conversations it is MEN doing the chasing and women getting chased.

Women should be chasing after you for her attraction to remain high longterm

As you can see here, she is chasing me. Not only is she replying to my texts a lot quicker than I am to her, she is obviously the one who is 'pursuing' in this interaction.  This only happens when you text strategically from the beginning so that she learns SHE MUST CHASE not the other way around. And now she is giving me ‘3 free wishes’ to cash in ‘whenever I want’.

Also notice that she gave me '3 wishes' and I didn't panic or get eager.  I couldn't hangout with her that night so I just waited until the next day to respond - and she extended the offer to being an 'open invitation'.

Now - does this look like the type of text conversations with women in your phone?

Does this look like the type of text conversations that buddies of yours have with women in their phone?

I'm guessing PROBABLY NOT.  And again - that is because so few guys learn how to 'flip the script' and get women chasing after them.  And if YOU are chasing then she is NOT CHASING. 

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