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If you've ever dealt with women that take FOREVER to respond, or that DO NOT respond to your texts at all, this video is for you!

Mirror Texting: Timing

This video shows you how to improve your 'timing' when texting women.


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Any woman will show you exactly how long they want you to take to text them back… when you understand her clues.

It is as simple as looking at the time it took for her to reply to your last text.

If it took her 10 minutes to reply to your last text…
you must wait at least 10 minutes before you should write her back.

If she takes 3 days to reply to your last text… you wait at least 3 days to reply back.

What if she never texts you again??

Then she literally was not interested.

Contrary to what we are told…

women WILL pursue a man she wants. If she isn’t showing any interest, that is because there is NO interest and now you can move on and spend your time meeting new women and focusing on accomplishing goals you have.

The time it takes her to respond is KEY!

Every guy needs to learn these 5 core Principles of Texting Women

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"I actually get it now. Being unavailable on the phone while other guys are suffocating her with their texts makes you stand out significantly. And allows her to think about you. Thanks - your 3rd principle was definitely my favorite!"

Brett M.
Chicago, IL

"Dude. Your course taught me a lot about myself and how I can be better with women. This girl is really special and I don't think I would have gotten anywhere the first month I started talking to her if it wasn't for your course and your dating principles. "

Alex J.
Missoula, MT

"THANK YOU! My current girlfriend (going strong for 2 months now) told me straight up that because I wasn't annoying her at first, she kept talking to me, not like other guys being annoying or sounding needy. Couldn't have done it without your guidance."

San Diego, CA

"Man your texting game is freakin amazing and hilarious! Thanks for all the great tips. Keep it up! Love your work!"

Danny S.
Las Vegas, NV

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