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Learn how to properly meet women on dating apps by selecting the right pictures, writing an interesting bio, and learning messaging techniques to use on dating apps.

This page will help you understand what women are searching for in a man online.  This will give you a huge advantage when setting up your online dating profile.

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V1: How Women Think on Dating Apps

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Video Lesson Recap

Women pay attention to all sorts of little details about your online dating profile and how you message her. 

If your profile or the way you message gives off a FEAR response in her… she will be completely scared off by you and be gone.

The first thing we need to understand as men… is that this is something we cannot relate to but we HAVE TO pay attention to. 

Most women have had bad experiences in the past with guys who persistently pursue her to the point that it feels creepy and ‘stalker-ish’.

Because of this, women start to become ‘triggered’ by certain behaviors in the way you message her, certain types of pictures you share on your profile, and the way you write your profile bio. 

By understanding this NOW - you will start to see WHY the types of pictures you select for your profile and how you write your profile bio is so crucial. 


The Goal : 
Understand How Women Think Online

With online dating, the way you perceive things as a man is totally different than how the women you are trying to match with will perceive things.  

Two very noticeable differences are based around FEARS and DETAILS.

Difference #1 Fear :
Women Have Different Fears About Meeting Up

Because women are biologically smaller and weaker than men, there comes and underlying FEAR especially with men she is meeting online.

-"Will this guy murder me?"  
-"Will is guy stalk/annoy me?"
-"Is this going to be some really awkward date?"

Your job on dating apps is to eliminate these fears with how you set up your profile and how you message her.  

Reason #2 Details :
Women Read Much Deeper into Small Details

Women 'read between the lines' much better than the average guy.  She will be constantly asking herself "WHY" as she goes through your profile.

-WHY did he pick this picture?
-WHY did he say that to me?
-WHY is he already asking me out?

This means you could be doing 95% of things right on your profile, but there could be one SMALL detail that you are overlooking - that could be ruining your chances with most women you are interested in.  

Reasons Men Fail at Dating Apps :
1) Your Profile Picture Doesn't 'Stand Out'

Women have PLENTY of options with men online.  This means she is usually making a very quick snap judgement based ONLY off your profile picture of whether she will 'Swipe Left' or 'Swipe Right' and try to match with you.

You don't need to do anything CRAZY with your profile picture, but it needs to 'stand out' in the right way for women... 

Or you will be overlooked and passed by. 

Reasons Men Fail at Dating Apps :
2) Your Pictures Trigger Her 'Fear' Response

Remember that 'fear' response mentioned earlier?

If any of your pictures 'trigger' something in her that makes her feel threatened, intimidated, awkward, or some negative emotion... she is GONE.

Again - they have plenty of options so some TINY detail can ruin any possibility with her.     

Reasons Men Fail at Dating Apps :
3) Profile Bio Isn't Written Well

This is such an under-appreciated part of having great dating app success as a man.     

IF a woman is 'iffy' on whether she wants to match with you or not based on your pictures alone, she will go straight to your bio.  If it's good, you're in.  If it's bad or there is no bio, you're OUT.  

There are also many secret 'hooks' or 'challenges' you can add to make women start 'opening' and 'chasing' you.

However, there are also many WRONG ways to write a bio - so be careful.  

Ready to experience success online?

Most men fail with dating apps... don't be one of them


Swipe Right Course Overview

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Module 1: All About Your Pictures

Lesson 1: Introduction to Your Pictures
Lesson 2: Why Your Pictures are So Important
Lesson 3: How Many Pictures Should You Use?
Lesson 4: Being The Star of a Group Photo
Lesson 5: Types of Pictures to Use
Lesson 6: Profile Pictures Ideas
Lesson 7: Profile Picture Recap/Group Picture Exception

Module 2: Your Secret Weapon to Writing a Bio That ATTRACTS

Lesson 8: Introduction to Writing a Bio
Lesson 9: Why Your Bio is So Important
Lesson 10: Job Description/Occupation
Lesson 11: Education and School to Include
Lesson 12: Making Your Profile UNIQUE to YOU
Lesson 13: Get Women to Connect or Tease
Lesson 14: Profile Challenge/Test Assignment
Lesson 15: The Power of a Challenge
Lesson 16: Other Things to Add

Module 3: Messaging/Connecting With Women Online

Lesson 17: Introduction to Messaging Women Online
Lesson 18: You NEED to Standout From Others
Lesson 19: Putting Yourself in Her Shoes
Lesson 20: Being Generic Gets You Compared
Lesson 21: Long Winded Screams Low Confidence
Lesson 22: Sending the First Message
Lesson 23: First Message Lines You Can Use
Lesson 24: How to Use Her Pictures to Message Her and Relate
Lesson 25: Using Her Bio to Message Her
Lesson 26: Getting Out of a Rutt in Conversations
Lesson 27: Summary of Messaging Prince-iples



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