5 RedPill Dating Lessons 

This page will break down an episode of The Bachelorette and reveal 5 'redpill' dating truths that are BACKWARDS from what almost all men grow up thinking about women and attraction.

These are going to be 5 lessons of what NOT to do around women, all shown through the lense of The Bachelorette show. 

5 RedPill Lessons The Bachelorette Teaches

Press 'play' below to learn 5 redpill truths about dating women...


Video Summary

0 - 2:41 - The Goal : Don't fall for the Betamon programming

2:42 - 4:29  - Introducing The Bachelorette (Claire Crawley)

4:30 - 16:49  - Bad Lesson 1 : Her age does not matter

16:50 - 26:36  - Bad Lesson 2 : Women respect men who 'White Knight' 

26:37 - 40:21  - Bad Lesson 3 : Do whatever it takes to get her attention

40:22 - 52:40  - Bad Lesson 4 : Believe her WORDS (not her actions)

52:41 - 58:29  - Bad Lesson 5 : Put your life and goals on hold for a woman

1:00:30 - 1:07:40 - BONUS Lesson 1 : Never take a woman's advice about romance/attraction

1:07:41 - End of Video -  BONUS Lesson 2 : Your energy as a man should be lower than hers


The Goal :
Don't Fall for Betamom Programming
(0 - 2:41 of video above)

Watching and breaking down shows like The Bachelorette are great because it helps display how much BETA or SIMP programming is all over mainstream television.

Most shows are setup to create these weak, passive 'beta' men.  Which creates a generation of women THINKING that is what they want, and any men who watch THINKING that is how to get women.

The Bachelorette - Who is She? : 
(2:42 - 4:29 of video above)

Claire Crawley is the 39 year old Bachelorette.  The reason her background is important is back in 2015... Claire was a contestant on The Bachelor.

At that time she was known as THE OLDEST WOMAN CONTESTANT on The Bachelor ever at 32 years old.

Now... at 39 she is having her shot as the main star of The Bachelorette.  This should speak volumes about the mainstream programming... trying to convince men all over the world that a 39-year old woman should be lusted and sought after.   

Bad Lesson 1 -
Her Age Doesn't Matter :
(4:30 - 16:49 of video above)

The first redpill lesson is realizing a woman's age DOES matter.

Mainstream society and feminists tell women to date and sleep around, and that her 20s and even her 30s are for 'exploring her self'.

Then they try to tell us men that an older woman has NO negatives and only positives (she's mature, she knows what she wants, etc)

Bad Lesson 1 -
Her Age Doesn't Matter :
(4:30 - 16:49 of video above)

If you as a man want a family, her age is definitely important.  Claire is 39!  How is a man supposed to build a relationship and start a family with her at this stage?

Also... age brings experience and experience brings baggage with women that have been dating around on that Cock Carousel.

IF a woman is 39 and single there is a reason.  And Claire doesn't have the 'career' excuse because she is just a hairdresser.  

BAD Lesson 2 -
Women Respect Men Who 'White Knight' :
(16:50 - 26:36 of main video above)

Shows like The Bachelorette teach men that 'gossiping' or being a 'tattle' gets rewarded by women.

Throughout this episode there were multiple men that would pull Claire aside to try to 'warn her' about the bad intentions of some of the other guys.

In the show Claire is appreciative of these men for 'looking out for her'... but in reality it totally dries up her panties and women see men who tattle as WEAK little Betamon.  

BAD Lesson 2 -
Women Respect Men Who 'White Knight' :
(16:50 - 26:36 of main video above)

The other funny thing about this is when a guy tries to warn a woman that another guy is 'a player' or seeing other women...

That actually WORKS in the 'players' favor.  Remember a woman's hypergamy always wants the highest status man that she feels she can attain.

When a woman hears that a bunch of other women are interested in a guy (he's a player so women like him) - that makes her instantly CURIOUS and now she wants to beat out the other women and get this guys attention

Hypergamy explained in 51 seconds by Jordan Peterson & Joe Rogan

BAD Lesson 3 -
Do Whatever it Takes to Get Her Attention :
(26:37 - 40:21 of main video above)

When you have 31 men competing after 1 woman it creates desperation and shows men scrambling to get some sort of attention and validation from The Bachelorette.

The problem is in reality men of value do not work for a woman's approval.  They focus on their goals and purpose, and women come to them as a byproduct.  

BAD Lesson 3 -
Do Whatever it Takes to Get Her Attention :
(26:37 - 40:21 of main video above)

The other problem is that when a man works hard to try to impress a woman - she wonders WHY.

"Why is he trying so dang hard to get my validation?"

He must be insecure if he is trying so hard to make me like him.

(insecurity is the opposite of confidence)

BAD Lesson 4 -
Believe a Woman's WORDS (not actions) :
(40:22 - 52:40 of main video above)

One thing to note about women is that they are professionals at spinning any story or event in order to make themselves look good.

OR... at the very least to make someone else look worse so she is free of blame.

When you think women think FAKE NEWS.  Always investigate by looking at her actions and behaviors.

BAD Lesson 4 -
Believe a Woman's WORDS (not actions) :
(40:22 - 52:40 of main video above)

Claire will give us a perfect example in this clip where she basically claims that the reason she is 39 and still single is because she has spent all of her time helping everyone else instead of focusing on her self.  What a saint.  


Garbage FAKE NEWS.  

Make sure to check this part out in the video because a woman's actions should ALWAYS speak louder to you than her words.  

BAD Lesson 5 -
Put Your Life and Goals on Hold for Her :
(52:41 - 58:29 of main video above)

Just by the way this show is set up, the men have to take time off work, away from their friends and family, all to hangout with 30 other dudes that all are competing after the same woman as he is.

Obviously these men do get something out of it, they get to be on TV and a brief moment of fame.  But the lesson it teaches men is to put your life on hold for a woman.  

Which is terrible advice for guys.  

BAD Lesson 5 -
Put Your Life and Goals on Hold for Her :
(52:41 - 58:29 of main video above)

On top of the normal sacrifices it takes to be on a show like this - because this was filmed during the great scamdemic (you know the China virus) - All of these men had to go above and beyond just to be on this show for Claire.  

Covid also delayed filming so these men had to take even more time off work.  They also had all sorts of extra quarantine restrictions in the months leading up to the filming - plus daily covid nasal tests.

Above and beyond extra sacrifices all for a chance at the 39 year old feminist hairdresser.  

BONUS Lessons -
(58:30 - End of main video above)

There were two extra little bonus nuggets I couldn't help but add to this presentation.  

The first one is to never take a woman's advice about romance or attraction seriously.

The other is how as a man your energy should always be lower than the woman's.  

BONUS Lesson 1 -
Never Take a Woman's Attraction Advice :
(1:00:30 - 1:07:40 of main video above)

Claire is 39 years old.  She has mentioned she has been on 'hundreds' of dates and hasn't found the right guy.

She meets a real life Alpha 'Tyrone' named Dale - and in 45 seconds she 'KNOWS she has met her future husband.

This is why as a man you should not be taking attraction or romance advice from women... they have no clue what they want and get caught in their emotions like Claire did with Dale.  

BONUS Lesson 2 -
Your Energy as a Man Should be Lower than Hers :
(1:07:41 - End of main video above)

This clip shows a cringy dude I call 'Pillow guy' and Claire having a conversation.

This clip displays a great example of what NOT to do.  Cringy Pillow guy is all amped up and has way more of a 'high energy' than Claire does.

If you do this around women it forces them to be more timid and serious to counteract your chaotic energy.

That puts her more in her 'masculine' energy which makes her more guarded and way less fun to be around.  

When The Bachelorette Meets Alpha Chad:
(Full video available on my blog)

After seeing what NOT to do for men on The Bachelorette...

I did a breakdown video of a guy ironically named Chad that was on Season 12 of The Bachelorette and from the few episodes I saw, he was playing it like an Alpha should.

This is a great analysis to see the difference in how a man should vs shouldn't act

*For The Bachelorette Meets Alpha Chad watch full video here on my blog*

Watch The Bachelorette Meets Alpha Chad

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