Get women saying "Yes!"

Yes to texts. Yes to dates. Yes to relationships.

But first, we must understand them

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The 'secret' jerks use to get women

Now YOU can use the 'secrets' that work... without needing to be a jerk

MOST men don't understand women

In 2018, texting & online dating makes it even harder. Do you ever...

  • Not know what to say/say the wrong thing?
  • Feel anxious & nervous around women?
  • Wonder why she wont text back?
  • Get taken advantage of/put in the Friend Zone?


These rejections are confidence KILLERS

Men not only misunderstand women... but lack confidence to attract them.


Women deserve men who understand

Some dating coaches think the trick is to be a JERK.

This may fool women with fake confidence, but it wont last.

It creates a hostile dating world. 


I understand how it feels to be rejected...

And the sweeping self-doubt that comes with it.

But I also know how to overcome these feelings. 

That's why I wrote "The Prince-iples of Texting".

To help men and save women from ass-holes!


3 steps to get women texting "Yes"

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What the Prince-iples will do for you

The Texting Prince Guarantee

  • You'll understand WHAT women want
  • You'll feel more confident, at ease & happy
  • You'll attract her without being a jerk & help me rid the world of d-bags
  • You'll become her Prince

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-Adam Jordan [email protected]
Founder of

Buy eBook Now Try a Chapter Free!

Why the Prince-iples are important

  • They keep you from being taken advantage of

No more desperation. You'll have control!

  • They help you avoid confusion about what to say

The Prince-iples teach you to read & react to any situation.

  • They dig you out of dark places of self-doubt & negativity

The Prince-iples put you in the "leader" mindset & the results give you confidence.

  • They make sure you don't blend in and act "like every other guy"

Most men don't take time to understand women. You'll stand out, trust me. 

What Are The Prince-iples?


Most dating advice only works part of the time. I'm sure you've heard them before:

  • "There's plenty of fish in the sea"
  • "Girls only go for the 'bad boys'"
  • "Never have sex on the first date"
  • "Men should always pay for dates"

These would all have a success rate of 100% if every girl was the same. But in real life, every girl is obviously not the same and these words of "wisdom" are not full proof strategies. 

That's why I designed the 5 Prince-iples of Texting to work for any man, in any situation. 

Texting Rule #1: Fire & Forget

  • The truth about why she stopped texting you back

(And how it will cripple your chances with any girl)


  • Do you reply to her text messages right away?

If so, prepare for an uphill battle in gaining her interest


  • The fastest, easiest, and best way...

of getting a woman to immediately respond to your texts

Texting Rule #2: Mirror Texting

  • Do you know exactly how long you should take to text a woman back?

Mirror Texting gives you a plan no matter what situation


  • Should you be writing long or short messages in your texts?

With each individual girl and each individual message, Mirror Texting shows you EXACTLY how long your texts should be


  • Should you use emoticons in your texts?

The answer is YES. Once you learn how to use them, the results will speak for themselves

Texting Rule #3: Poker Player Texting

  • Women want you to tell them how you feel, right? WRONG!

(Principle 3 explains why)


  • What to NEVER do when you first start texting 

If you do this, she will ignore you and make you lose her number


  • The truth about what women want in a man

No... it's not what you think and it's time you finally knew

Texting Rule #4: Autopilot Texting

  • Why 95% of men lose her interest on the first text

(and what to do instead)


  • How to avoid sending a "fluff" text

"Fluff" texts will send you straight to the dreaded friend zone


  • What type of texts you SHOULD be sending

When you send THESE type of texts, she can't help but think about you romantically

Texting Rule #5: Opportunity Texting

  • The quickest way to get girls chasing after you

This method works without her even knowing it


  • 3 ways to show her you are a confident man through texting

These are even more powerful when used from the start


  • The #1 trick to get HER to ask you out

Gone are the days of you begging for her to go out with you

Who is the Texting Prince?


The answer is... YOU.

Well not yet, but that's where I come in. I am your guide. Your teacher. Your professor.

I have a Masters in Education and several years of public school teaching experience. I also know what it's like to struggle with women. In High School and College I was:

  • A video game nerd
  • Had braces
  • Goofy
  • Weak with no muscle tone
  • Poor

But I decided I wanted better results with women. So I read 100s of books and spent $1000s learning how women.

Then, I developed some principles and started testing them on women. Each time I got better and better and better at attracting women. 

I got so good that my friends started coming to me for advice.

That's when I realized that I need to share this knowledge with the world. 

Now I see the same success for men who purchase my products. I can't tell you how good that feels as a teacher. 



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