Dating App Messaging

Many 'texting principles' you learn from this website will translate perfectly to dating apps - although there are a few exceptions to add.  

This page will help you understand some key advanced communication concepts that will make dating online WAY more enjoyable for you and for women you message 

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Word of Warning:

This video below will be teaching you some very ADVANCED concepts you may have never heard of before.  

Just know - if a lot of this seems completely different than what you had ever done previously on dating apps...

That should give you HOPE and EXCITEMENT looking forward to your future.

Because every little tweak and improvement you make, will give you more and more success with women on dating apps than you ever had in the past.

Controlling the Frame from the Start

Press 'play' below to see a REAL dating app example breakdown of how to do this


Video Lesson Recap

The purpose of this conversation example is to show you the importance of ‚Äėcontrolling the frame‚Äô and how that looks with a woman you just start messaging.

When you can control the frames of your conversations with women, they will naturally follow your lead IN the conversation and OUTSIDE of it.

That means that when you are ready to ask her out, she is a lot more likely to follow your lead without flaking.

That also means when you build this foundation of 'leading' a woman from the start, she is a lot more polite, respectful, and feminine around you because she starts to 'trust' you leading.

I know that sounds dramatic looking that far into the future when this is a woman I am JUST matching with on a dating app.

BUT... look around you.  How many men do you know that actually seem in total control in their relationships with a woman that respects and adores him?

That is the type of power that very few men ever create - because they don't understand HOW.  

I am here to help show you how.

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The Goal : 
Give Women a Fresh Experience

One of the advantages of Online Dating is by creating the right profile bio, you can start out controlling the frame 

“Okay so I googled MBPT…”

That showed she started out by investing into MY FRAME to try to figure out what the challenge in my profile bio meant.

You may think of it as 'selfish' to get women to buy into your frame as a man...

However - that is a FRESH experience for her.  When she starts out playing your game, it's new and exciting for her.

Why?  Because she doesn't know the 'rules' of how to win your game YET.  And part of the attraction process for women is her having to work to figure out HOW to get you.  

Message with Intention :
The Men that are Best with Women are Strategic

Praising what you like creates the roadmap for success.

This idea of ‘controlling the frame’ is far more powerful than just to get a girls phone number or to get a date with her.

It sets the entire PACE for your interaction by ‘pre-paving’ your expectations.

Why do women send me long messages and put a lot of 'effort' in?

Because I am 'secretly' praising things like her effort and things I want to see more of in the future from her.

This is an advanced psychological concept, but when you want to have great results you have to message with intention.  

Become the 'Tester' :
Moat Women 'Test' Men, Flip the Script

Too many men get scared of passing HER tests…

The better you get with these conversation skills the sooner YOU can start testing her - like I am doing here.

Will she play along and do the work? 

If she does, she is playing into my frame.

If she doesn’t, that weeds out the lukewarm or uninterested women.

That is a mindset of 'abundance' rather than desperation


Let Women Talk MORE :
While You Still Keep Control of the Frame

The best communicators on this Earth are able to master the skill of letting other people talk - while simultaneously being in complete control of the frame or conversation. 

For example -

I have directed this conversation to personality types

(which I know more about than she does)

Now I am letting her talk and reveal her thoughts while maintaining the ‘expert’ or ‘leader’ frame in a sense

Engage a Woman's Emotions :
To Keep Her Excited to Actually Meet Up with You

To women, it is all about EMOTIONS...

The dickhead and jerk are great at playing with a woman’s EMOTIONS. 

You can do the same thing without becoming a douchebag of a person.

Use anticipation… 



Even if it seems silly or simple, it WORKS

Notice the Time :
You Must Be Patient to Be Pursued

Notice she is replying 16 minutes after me and I replied almost 5 and a half hours later...

When I get women to meet up with me with very little conversation or effort -

It’s because everything I am NOT SAYING is making her more comfortable with meeting up.

The guys that text back too quickly give off the vibe that they will be 'clingy' or 'needy' or a 'stalker' IF a woman were to meet up with them.

Women Like Being 'Detectives' -
She Wants to Slowly Piece You Together Herself

As men we naturally communicate in a more direct and straightforward way.  Our brains work more like clean filing cabinets with separate compartments sorting out our thoughts and ideas. 

Women naturally communicate in a more intuitive and indirect way.  Her brain works more like a tangled ball of yarn - where EVERY idea, thought, and feeling is connected in some way, shape, or form.

So think about WHY this is fun for her

How many other men are making each message a ‘breadcrumb’ that she needs to figure out?    

Very few.  That engages her tangled yarn brain.  

Most Methods That Work are Counterintuitive -
The LESS You Do, The MORE She Does

We are having almost NO conversation 

And I am expending almost NO effort

But when you change your entire frame of mind and understand the simple fundamentals of what makes women get excited...

Dating can become much more stress-free and much less time consuming.

A man on his purpose should not spend hours a day on dating apps trying to message women.

That is why all the methods I teach should feel natural for a man on a mission in life.  Just a handful of the RIGHT messages a week can lead to a LOT of attraction with women on dating apps.   

When You Take Your Time -
She Comes to You and Starts to Pursue

When you get comfortable controlling and leading the frame

(while letting her invest more by talking more and waiting on your replies)

You notice how much easier everything else becomes, because now a woman follows your lead in your text conversation

- And naturally that same principle translates over to in-person.  She will follow your lead as long as you continue to create a frame for her to follow.

But most men are either too scared or have NO IDEA how to do this.

(cough cough that's why I created PrinceFlix VIP to teach men how to learn these crucial skills)

When Women Pursue Men -
They Have Their Emotions Really Engaged

Look how much easier it is when she is following your frame instead of you trying to ‘chase her’ or ‘win her over’ 

As men we are told it's our job to 'pursue' a woman right?

The mindset that actually WORKS  with women is completely backwards from what we have been taught

The problem is, a woman SHOULD chase and pursue you or else her emotions will not be nearly as engaged as they COULD be.

Again -  this is why women usually go for the 'bad boys' because they are giving women these emotional connections and engagements that most average guys just don't understand or know how to do.

Learn the RIGHT Time to Pounce -
And Go from Dating App to Phone #

Because she put more effort in by reaching out AGAIN…
I am rewarding her effort in a sense. 
She has 'earned' my phone number. 

Now her investment in our conversation makes sense to her, it wasn't just a waste of time. 

“I’m slow at replying here”

And although I was slow at replying to her on this dating app, now if she texts me MAYBE I’ll reply faster. 

This makes her even more eager to text me.  

She Texts You First? 
That is the Best 'Frame' to Start Texting In

When THIS is the start of your conversation with a woman, do you think she will be very likely to ‚Äėbail‚Äô or ‚Äėflake‚Äô when you finally do ask her to hangout?¬†


And especially when you set something up like the 10 Dollar Bill Date, there is NO WAY she will flake.

(don't worry... of course I teach you how to set this entire date up, from start to finish, all inside PrinceFlix VIP)

When you can keep this up, it actually becomes easier and easier with that woman rather than harder and harder like it becomes for most men around most women in todays digital dating world.    

Ready to experience success online?

Most men fail with dating apps... don't be one of them


Swipe Right Course Overview

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Module 1: All About Your Pictures

Lesson 1: Introduction to Your Pictures
Lesson 2: Why Your Pictures are So Important
Lesson 3: How Many Pictures Should You Use?
Lesson 4: Being The Star of a Group Photo
Lesson 5: Types of Pictures to Use
Lesson 6: Profile Pictures Ideas
Lesson 7: Profile Picture Recap/Group Picture Exception

Module 2: Your Secret Weapon to Writing a Bio That ATTRACTS

Lesson 8: Introduction to Writing a Bio
Lesson 9: Why Your Bio is So Important
Lesson 10: Job Description/Occupation
Lesson 11: Education and School to Include
Lesson 12: Making Your Profile UNIQUE to YOU
Lesson 13: Get Women to Connect or Tease
Lesson 14: Profile Challenge/Test Assignment
Lesson 15: The Power of a Challenge
Lesson 16: Other Things to Add

Module 3: Messaging/Connecting With Women Online

Lesson 17: Introduction to Messaging Women Online
Lesson 18: You NEED to Standout From Others
Lesson 19: Putting Yourself in Her Shoes
Lesson 20: Being Generic Gets You Compared
Lesson 21: Long Winded Screams Low Confidence
Lesson 22: Sending the First Message
Lesson 23: First Message Lines You Can Use
Lesson 24: How to Use Her Pictures to Message Her and Relate
Lesson 25: Using Her Bio to Message Her
Lesson 26: Getting Out of a Rutt in Conversations
Lesson 27: Summary of Messaging Prince-iples


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Bonus Video #1
Bait Her Through Text (Part 1 of 3)

*27 minutes*

3:05  -  When texting women go for 'singles' not 'home runs'

4:10  -  Give her a 'worm' for bait not a 'steak' (less is more)

6:06  -  Women love cliffhangers  (arouse her curiosity)

9:15  -  Attracting women = T.V. salesman example (give her space)

13:45  -  Different situations call for different text strategy

19:45  -  When you open her your goal is to make an impression

21:57  -  When you have a 'lull' in your convo you just want to get back on her mind / radar

22:50  -  To go on a date you want to get her excited about the IDEA

24:51  -  The ultimate goal = she's VERY into you 

Bonus Video #2:
Bait Her Through Text (Part 2 of 3)

*20 minutes*

2:49  -  Types of openers NOT to send a woman

6:50  -  Types of openers you CAN send a woman

11:10  -  How to personalize your opener

14:00  -  Constantly test women to see how interested they actually are

16:30  -  Don't be married to your opener

18:00  -  Other ways to use 'important question' as bait

Bonus Video #3:
Bait Her Through Text (Part 3 of 3)

*29 minutes*

0:40  -  A text to break a 'lull' in your conversation

3:40  -  If she doesn't play along, you don't have to reply

5:04  -  The mindset of extreme confidence

5:50  -  Don't destroy your reputation with women in your town

8:39  -  Women come back to you when you don't overstep 

10:17  -  More examples of lines that you can use

13:29  -  Sending less displays confidence

17:10  -  The cooler you play it, the more women pursue you

19:30  -  Ways to be more fun and playful in conversations

Bonus Video #4: 
2 Messaging Mistakes Men Make (REAL dating app conversation breakdown)

*16 minutes*

Learn more dating app messaging techniques through this bonus video where you will get to see a REAL dating app conversation from match to phone number.

This video will go in-depth and mainly cover 2 big myths a lot of men THINK they are supposed to do when messaging women online... but why those are WRONG and what to do instead.

Learn why complimenting women too often and communicating too much are actual BAD things to do when creating attraction with women on dating apps.  

Bonus Video #5:
Using a Woman's Dating Profile to Strategically Message Her 

*7 minutes*

A 'secret power' using dating apps is learning how to strategically message a woman based on looking at her dating profile.  

This video will show you an example I used with a woman where I was able to look at her profile and find something to message her in order for her to get invested because it was specific to an interest of hobby of hers.  

This is a skill that is essential to be able to message women in a personalized way just by looking at her dating app pictures and bio.    

Bonus Video #6:
Using a Woman's Dating Profile to Strategically Message Her 

*5 minutes*

 We all know the feelings of a conversation starting to 'fade out' and it starts to get to be more routine or boring.  

This quick video will give you some ways to instantly SPARK back from excitement into your conversations to revive a boring conversation into a more fun one by introducing some flirty mystery in your text or dating app conversation.

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10 Online Openers to Learn From 

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