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Does a woman like you?

Look for signs she is reaching out (text training video)


When you follow these Principles and learn to text disciplined and patiently… women WILL start to reach out to you


One of the things that was a big time eye opener for myself as I was continuing to learn about and understand women… was this simple fact.


When a woman likes you - she WILL reach out to you.


What I used to do was think it was always my job as the guy to always start conversations and reach out to her and pursue her.


Guess what… NOPE


That is actually one of the big myths about women that make most men come off as needy and desperate.  We are socialized into thinking we have to ‘pursue her’…


That is just not the case - this video will show you why using real text examples from my phone.


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Learn How to Text Women
With Confidence

After dating hundreds of women over the past decade, I have learned some VERY important communication skills that every guy NEEDS to know.

This FREE 3-part video series will teach you the core fundamentals of texting that are crucial in today's digital dating world