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Dating in 2023 can be pretty confusing ...

This site was created to help men thrive in today's digital dating world.

Texting Women

Are you texting a woman and have questions on the right way to play it?  This area of the website will take you through both what NOT to do (texting mistakes to avoid) and what TO DO (texting strategies to build attraction with women)

Level-up your 'Text' Game

Online Dating Apps

Are you trying to use dating apps to meet women?  This area will take you through both the YES and NOs of building an attractive online profile and how to most effectively message women on dating apps.  

Level-up your Dating App Skills

In-Person Dating / Attracting Women

Are you about to go on a date with a woman?  Or looking to improve your in-person attraction with women?  This area will take you through 'social skills' that will help improve your overall 'Social IQ' or basically 'Game' around the opposite sex.  

Level-up Your 'Social IQ'

Redpill Dating Truths

Have you heard about taking the 'Redpill'?  It's a reference from the movie The Matrix, and this area will take you down the necessary rabit hole of dating today and the truth about male and female nature.  Learn about Hypergamy, monkey branching, alpha seeds beta needs, and more

Take the Dating 'Redpill'

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Do You Have a High 'Social IQ' with Women?

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This 'Social Gap' Problem Hurts MOST Men


The average woman today has gone on far more dates than the average man.


This means that usually an average woman has a higher 'Social IQ' than the average man.




Women want to 'look up' to their man. 


Which means IF she feels she has a 'higher' Social IQ than you...


She will subconsciously 'look down' on you.

And if she looks down on you...

She will NEVER desire you like she does a man with a HIGHER Social IQ than herself.


So how can you close this 'social gap'

and increase your own Social IQ?



By learning 'the game' from the bottom up so that you are more socially aware than the men she meets.


Make sure to watch this video above to get better at understanding the 'Social Gap'


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