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The Goal : Understand the Basic Fundamentals of How to Attract Women Through Texting


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V1: Texting Mistakes That Most Men Make

Doing THIS gives off the 'needy' and 'predictable' vibe to women


Lesson 1 Recap -

Avoid Becoming 'Predictable' and 'Needy'

When FIRST texting a woman, you want to avoid being thought of as ‘needy’ and ‘predictable’.

One of the biggest ‘AHA moments’ for me regarding texting women was realizing that women do NOT want to get to know you through texting.

I used to believe the complete opposite. 

I thought that if I met a new woman or especially if I met a woman online, that she would WANT to get to know all about me through the phone.

Because of this, I would text her back QUICKLY and try to tell her my whole life story through texting.

This is a BAD move - women want to get to know you in person…

The cell phone should be used to keep her curious and interested… NOT to get to know each other.

"Adam literally WALKS you through the EXACT words, timing, tone, mentality, & flow that your conversations should look like!"

“Part of my problem with texting had always been trying to hold their attention in the conversations long enough to get a woman to meet up with me. Adam literally walks you through the EXACT words, timing, tone, mentality, and flow that your conversations should look like!

All of the different text message examples you show throughout the program make it so much easier because it gives me a guidepost of what to shoot for and saves me so much time trying to figure this all out on my own.”

Age 41

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