Women Will Try to Shame Men Back to The Plantation


This video is part 3 of breaking down Georgia Free's bad dating advice to men.

In this video she is 'shaming' men that aren't up front by calling them 'cowards'.

It is terrible advice - and I will be breaking down why in the video.

Men who aren't up front with women are 'cowards'

Okay let's really analyze this statement Georgia made in the video.  We already know that Georgia (and women approaching their 30's and ready to 'settle down') all of the sudden want a 'nice guy' or the 'Betamon' provider.

Since they are ready to settle down, they want a man that is also looking to settle down.

So - they give the advice to men that men should be 'up front' when in reality this is not attractive to a woman.

Remember, women are attracted to men who's feelings are unclear or to men that she has to really work to figure out how that guy feels about her.

This means the advice is BAD ADVICE so she needs to threaten us men and call us 'cowards' if we don't play by her rules.

The truth is the opposite

I actually say that Georgia is not only wrong about this, she is DEAD WRONG.  It is completely the opposite.

As men we constantly hear from women and from mainstream society and culture that the key to winning a woman's heard is to 'communicate' and 'tell her how you feel' and 'show her you deserve her'.


But why does a man ACTUALLY reveal his feelings for a woman?

Why does a man ACTUALLY tell a woman how he feels and how much he likes her?

He does it because he wants validation

He does it because he is 'unsure' how she feels about him

He does it because he is not CONFIDENT that she feels the same way


And even though women are not at all ATTRACTED to this 'lack of confidence' in a man, they will absolutely LOVE when a man shares his feelings like this because then she can manipulate the situation to get what it is that she wants.

Don't fall for it.

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