Women Love Alphas : Gambit 'Chad'


This is Video 6 of the Thots Love Alphas series where we are going to break down Gambit Chad.

Gambit is my personal favorite X-Men - This is the type of Alpha that a woman has experienced in her life that could go by Pick-Up-Artist Chad, BadBoy Chad, or PlayBoy Chad.

Pick-Up Artist Chad - Gambit is known to be able to put people in a hypnotic charm - and is known to be a ladies man.  This is the type of guy that has studied women and knowns them inside and out.  He is able to say just the right thing at just the right time to get her feeling just a certain way.


Bad Boy Chad - Gambit is a highly-skilled thief that has a desire for stimulation and adventures.  In real life we call this guy Bad Boy Chad which gives a woman all sorts of different emotions because he goes against the grain, he doesn't play by the rules.


PlayBoy Chad - Gambit is a gambler and likes to takes risks.  This becomes a woman's Alpha widow in her life... where it becomes a trigger one way or the other.  If you bring this risk-taking attitude to her life, she can get upset with you because you are triggering her feelings of uncertainty that her ex PlayBoy Chad gave her and he broke her heart.

On the flip side - if you DON'T take risks then she gets bored and misses the excitement and risk-taking side of her ex, Play Boy Chad.



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