Women Are Ruthless to Emotional Men


We are breaking down a video between an engaged couple that is 'waiting for marriage'. Notice how she acts every time he gets 'emotional' or all 'mushy gushy' it grosses her out.

This is one of the problems that emotional men have

In a sexual dynamic you need to account for polarity.  What that means is that if one person is acting one way - for instance - in their 'feminine' - then the other person usually counteracts that by becoming more in their 'masculine'.


Like in the video above, what we see is a man that is getting more emotional and talking about his feelings and how much he loves and adores his fiance.

That is being in his 'feminine' - which means that his fiance the woman starts to act more in her 'masculine'.

The problem is that this USUALLY means a disaster

Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but typically when a woman gets into her masculine and sees her man as more 'feminine' than her, then TYPICALLY she does not stay sexually attracted to him for very long.

Which is exactly what we see in the video above.

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