Woman Claims "Dating Multiple Men Protects my Mental Health"


Todays video we have TikTok women exposing themselves and their games.

What do I mean by this?

We start out with one woman from tiktok claiming that dating multiple men protects her mental health.

Yes you heard that right, dating and sleeping with multiple men 'protects her mental health'.


For any of you reading that wondered why so many men are happily leaving behind the idea of the 'traditional marriage'...

Well because - good luck finding a 'traditional woman' these days.

As the video continues, we dive more into other games that women play and specifically we dive deep into alpha seeds and Betamon needs.

One final touch is the most detailed video ever created on the #Betamon in action - Shoutout to Modern_Western_Queens on instagram for the video content. 

Speaking of BetaMon - the link to BetaMon merch is below



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