"Where Are All the Good Men?"


Where have all the good men gone?!?! That is one of the classic lines you will hear from many women who are now 30+ years old and trying to secure their good little BetaMon slave as that biological clock keeps TIK TIK TICKING away.

So let me explain how this works...

In today's society because of social media and online dating apps, a very AVERAGE woman is able to connect with and sleep with an unlimited amount of men.

Now - we know that men are more likely to 'sleep with anything' meaning that a lot of men that would be 'out of the league' of these average women... are willing to go on some dates just to sleep with these women and then move on to the next girl.

Well... the problem is HYPERGAMY.

When a woman believes she can 'attain' a man because he slept with her, her innate hypergamy starts to raise her 'standards' of what she believes she deserves in a man.

I call this the Alpha X-Men.

So now we have a generation of women that are sleeping with the same 10-20% of men -

These men are able to have their pick of any woman they want... so they have no reason to 'settle down' and commit to one girl.

Well... the women on the other hand are now tasting and experiencing these 'Alpha' men - so her innate hypergamy raises her standards to start to believe that she deserves the BEST of all of her conquests.

This leaves the average woman believing she deserves a TOP OF THE LINE MAN

(just because they were willing to sleep with her)

This makes the average woman completely ignore the 'average guy' that would be a realistic pairing for her.

And now the top 10-20% of men don't want to settle down because they can keep getting what they want from these single women.

And now the bottom 80-90% of men are basically cut out of the game.

Obviously this has HUGE repercussions to society and culture... which is what we are currently living through right now.


So as a man what does this mean for you?


It means to either -

A) Level up your life so that you can become one of these top 10-20% men and enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it.


B) Start envisioning your life without women in it and learn to make yourself happy with hobbies and passions of your own.


UNTIL divorce laws change and society and culture change - these are the two most realistic options for men out there.


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