WARNING - Beware of Her 'Bait and Switch' Game


Alright men - listen up - this is important - and we are going straight from the mouths of women themselves to dive into this topic of the 'Bait and Switch' move many women pull AFTER they get the commitment they want from you.

So we are breaking down a post from the subreddit Female Dating Strategies - which to any of you unfamiliar, is basically a place on reddit for women to go and post their 'dating' and 'relationship' advice for other women.

Spoiler alert - it teaches terrible advice to women with the main idea basically being "You are a queen goddess and men should worship you or you should get rid of them".

Now - I am exaggerating but it's bad advice that leaves women unhappy because they repel the ACTUAL masculine men that they are attracted to.

And they only attract the 'simp' or Betamon type men that worship women (which is disgusting to women on a sexual level).

Anyways - the idea of this concept of the 'bait and switch' is where a woman will pretend to get along just fine with a guy until she gets what she wants (a ring on the finger) and THEN she will pull out the whole 'to-do' list of things she has always wanted to change about you.

And once you are stuck, you have the option to either comply with her requests (and become a slave) or to leave (and get screwed by the court systems in a divorce).

Again guys - this is a game that gets played over and over again - you just may never have heard it before but I promise you, in todays day and age it happens far mar often than you'd think.

This is why I will always recommend that men do not get involved legally with a woman right now (because the family court and divorce court are so biased against men that you get 'trapped' when you commit legally - therefor allowing her all of the leverage in the relationship)



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