This is Why 'Nice Guys' Finish Last with Women


You know the phrase 'nice guys finish last'? This video will examine why that is. This is lesson 4 from my 5 lessons women learned in the year 2020 livestream.

Lesson 4 - You Should Thirst after Your Girl Constantly


Since the beginning of time there have been the 'simps' or 'betamon' of this world that worship women and rarely ever have success with women.

So this isn't a new concept - EXCEPT that now days with the whole feminist 'female empowerment' it has leaked into our culture and society as a 'norm'.

Men grow up these days thinking 'the future is female' and that it is wrong to be masculine.

Men grow up these days hearing the 'Queen' women talk about how a 'real man' will shower you with gifts and show that he deserves to be with her.

Men grow up these days... learning how to cut their own balls off with their own 'nice guy' behavior around women.


Here is the big problem


Not only are women secretly turned off and borderline disgusted by men that have this 'worship women' attitude...

But it also makes you as a man feel like a total loser.

So... you don't get respect from the women you are going after.

And you don't get any respect from yourself for allowing this treatment.

It is a total double whammy.


This is why I not only warn men about the dangers of marriage and the legal system and teach men the DEFENSE to protect yourself...

But I also have spent YEARS of my life developing a plan of attack to go on the OFFENSE and learn how to actually WIN in the game of dating.

I breakdown conversation after conversation with women on online dating or texting to show you exactly how you should be 'playing the game' in order to come off as a man that women respect and a man that you can respect yourself.

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