"The Redpill is WRONG About Women and Love"


We have this guy Joshy boy that is ready to convince us that the 'redpill' is wrong about women.  Take a watch and see if Joshy convinces you to get back on that blue pill plantation chasing that Disney love... 

First off what is his claim?

Joshy makes the claim that if you as a man are willing to open yourself up to a woman, you can get unconditional love from her.

Now myself speaking from a redpill perspective would say that you CAN'T get unconditional love from a woman you are romantically involved with.

Before we dive a little bit more into that, let me remind you that in this video he brings up two examples of the type of unconditional love that he means...

1) "Unconditional love that a mother gives her baby"

2) "Unconditional love that a father gives his daughter"

Okay now lets breakdown why I don't believe that you can get UNconditional love from a woman you are romantically seeing.

Women are attracted to what they are attracted to

Now knowing that, when it comes to a romantic relationship, being attracted to your spouse is important wouldn't you agree?

One of the big factors for what women are attracted to in men is a mans 'status'.

Status can be explained in many different ways but to simplify, let's just say the more financial, social, and/or mental 'success' a man has can demonstrate high 'status' in a sense.

How does this relate to unconditional love from a woman?

Since women are attracted to men with this 'status' then to be realistic you would understand that a woman's love is very often anything but 'unconditional'.

It very much relies on the conditions that that man has going for him.

And this is no hate on women, this is just being realistic about it, but see what happens to a woman's love and loyalty if you get fired from your job and are out of work for a period of time.

(When your financial success starts to take a hit and even your mental success 'confidence' takes a hit, it will lower her attraction)

Why is this important to understand?

Because when you realize that her love is CONDITIONAL you can be aware of the situation and navigate accordingly.

Some men will use that knowledge and try their best to maintain 'frame' in a relationship and try to keep the best type of 'conditions' up so that she happily chooses to stay highly attracted.  

Some men will use that knowledge to walk away from the game of dating and relationships with women and invest in their own hobbies or personal success.

Neither of those options is right or wrong, but when you are AWARE that her love is conditional you can enjoy the relationship, the dating, or the Bachelor life that much more because you are seeing the whole picture clearly.  

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