She is Her Own Worst Enemy... TikTok Women Exposed


We have another tiktok video breakdown of a woman that is her own worst enemy.  You are going to see why her mindset will ALWAYS get in the way of attaining any type of relationship fulfillment.

This woman starts the video saying she could be head over heels into a man...  and then the moment he gives her ANY and I mean ANY interest she is over him.

Why in the world does this happen?

To put it simply... hypergamy.

Inside each woman is this biological instinct to try and get the highest-status man that is interested in her to commit to her long term.

Now the problem is that this woman (like many modern women today) has gone on so many dates and slept with so many men, that her 'standard' of what she is looking for in a man continually gets higher and higher.

(remember - hypergamy)

So now when a woman meets a man that she is interested in... JUST LIKE THIS WOMAN ADMITTED is that once he shows even a TINY bit of interest she is disgusted and ready to move on.

(again - remember hypergamy)

The more a woman dates and sleeps around, the less tolerance her hypergamy has to 'wait'.

So as soon as a man shows too much interest, her hypergamy goes "YEP we can get this guy, so if we can already get this guy, we better start looking around for a better more accomplished man than him".

This same game plays out over and over again which is why us men need to be aware of these things.

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