"REAL Men Spoil Their Woman in a Relationship"


Let's go over some social media posts of women today to hear about their thoughts on what men should do in a relationship.

These are the types of 'red flags' you should notice and be aware of when getting to know a new woman.  IF she has a mindset like that of the women in these memes, make sure you do NOT commit to one of these modern 'thots'.

Meme #1 - Women should be financially taken care of in a relationship.  Your woman shouldn't have to worry about a DARN thing!  If you cannot afford to take care of a woman completely, don't date or pursue a woman until you can.  The woman IS the prize.  PAY FOR IT!!!

The first meme gives a perfect example of the ridiculous double standards us men have to deal with in todays modern dating world.

"Women are 'strong and independent' and they do NOT need a man."

This is the type of brainwashing us men and women today hear.

So what is the problem?

Well... if today's women are so strong and independent, then why in the world should a man need to financially take care of a woman completely?

That is the type of garbage that will leave ANY heterosexual relationship in complete shambles.  

Throughout the rest of the video we will be breaking down others - just remember as you watch - women with this attitude absolutely belong to THE STREETS... or Belong to 'the game'.

That means - sure - you can have your fun if you are a risk taker - but do NOT commit to anything longterm (especially marriage) with any woman that thinks this way.

So How SHOULD You Play it Around 'Modern Women' that you are attracted to?

Even though the mindset of most women today is far different than some of the 'traditional' women of the past...

It doesn't change the biological attraction triggers inside of women - which are the same as they have always been.

I breakdown all areas of how to MEET, ATTRACT, and DATE beautiful women in todays dating culture -

Including online dating, text message 'game', conversation techniques, and much more 

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