"My Fiance Left Me After 8 Years - Said She Never Loved Me"


This video is diving into a post from Relationship Advice sub on reddit.  In this post it explains how a 32 year old man got left by his 29 year old female fiance... and he is trying to figure out why or what went wrong.

To start out - I will give the woman from this post credit because she decided to leave him BEFORE they got married.

If she allowed herself to get married while knowing she never truly loved him, then that would be absolutely catastrophic on this mans life and future.

So... props to her for calling it off BEFORE the wedding.

Now what was the problem that happened to this couple?

She 'loved' what this man provided for her and for her life - however - she wasn't ATTRACTED to this man and his behaviors.

And the big warning for all the single men out there right now is that in todays extremely promiscuous culture, the chance of women being able to 'pair bond' like in the 'old days' is pretty much out the door.

The more sexual partners a woman has, the less able she is to 'pair bond' with her next mate.

The problem with this is that IF she can no longer pair bond, then she will never be satisfied with the 'good guy' or the 'stable guy' or the 'average guy'.

She will NEED that high intensity emotion and thrill that she gets from the 'bad boys' out in the streets.

So - the more promiscuous a woman is (which is totally fine, totally her choice)

The LESS able she will be able to pair bond with a man - which means that the chances of her ending up in a happily committed relationship become slim to none.


Be aware my brothers



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