Is She a Female Entrepreneur or a THOT?


In todays video we are going to ask the question... are these women actually female entrepreneurs or are they just nastay ol THOTs for the streets?

This is video 2 from my recent livestream about the 5 Lessons Women Learned in the Year 2020.

Lesson 2 - When Life Gets Hard... Learn a New Skill

This sounds like some pretty good advice.  So how did a lot of women take this advice in the great scamdemic of 2020?

By learning new skills like...

-How to sell pictures of your feet, your body, and your dirty little snatch

-How to promote your OnlyFans account to unsuspecting victims 

-How to dance on a pool to get dollar bills thrown at you

And of course other EXCELLENT skills like how to find and bag a Sugar Daddy to buy your bags and clothes.



That was another EXCELLENT lesson that women learned in the year 2020.


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