"If a man isn't treating you PERFECT... LEAVE him" she shrieks


We have a combo between a TikTok and FDS (Female Dating Strategy) post from reddit. The title here is "if a man isn't treating you PERFECT... then LEAVE him". And you will see what I mean within seconds.

This is a warning to all men to BE AWARE because this mindset is prevalent and YOU as the man are taking on all of the risk if you legally get married.

 The attitude of the woman in this video is the same attitude we see growing among MOST modern women -

Which is that if he isn't treating you absolutely 100% PERFECT then you need to LEAVE HIM.

"If you find yourself making a pros and cons list, then leave, he's not the one"

Now it would be one thing if this was the prevalent attitude and the only thing you were 'risking' as a man was getting your heart broken.

That's totally fine.  Women are allowed to have their standards.

The big problem is that if you LEGALLY commit to a woman, the legal system is completely outdated.

It has not caught up to this 'progressive' mindset of these strong and independent modern women.

Which means that this 'attitude' we are talking about is a big problem to men that are unaware of how the legal system is set up to take advantage of men.

And the other problem is that BECAUSE of this - the entire power dynamics of the relationship get out of whack because a woman can use her ability to 'leave' and divorce you as a threat.

The man on the other end needs to play by her rules or he can be destroyed by the court system.

So the women that know this and exploit this throw the entire power dynamics off to where the 'man' has to now cower and submit to his woman...

Which is disgusting to a woman's natural instincts of what she is attracted to in a man.

Therefor creating a further divide into the already spiraling relationship.

This message and video is not to scare you but only prepare you

 I myself really enjoy interacting and hanging out with women - BUT - if you get involved legally there is a whole new set of problems that come with that.

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