Women HATE the 'nothing guy' | How to text confidently

Video Recap:  Men that play the 'long term game' always win.  When you value your time, women will start to see it as valuable also.


Now - if you are reading this and start thinking -

"This is stupid, this is too much work, she should like me for who I am I shouldn't have to play these games"


Here is my simple response to you...


If you are applying for a new job, where you know that there will be other people competing for that position, on your resume are you going to really strategically display yourself in the best light possible?


Of course you are - otherwise you wouldn't expect to get that job


There are also other guys competing after that girl you like...

So you can ignore this advice and these 'games' -

But the guys that are learning this and using it are going to be getting that girl that you like if you aren't.


I am just giving ya the honest truth 




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