Strategies to DM a Girl You Like

I'll just be straight up with you here... it is REALLY DIFFICULT to blindly attract a woman through DMs on any type of social media (including Instagram).

A lot of creepy guys try so women are always on guard through their 'DMs'.

However - in this scenario - if you are in a conversation with a woman on Instagram through the DMs, then THIS is one of the best ways to keep her interested without having to do a bunch of extra work to entertain her constantly.

Video Recap:  Avoid sending her 'fluff' messages or you'll bore her


What are fluff texts?

They are any text that doesn't help move you towards a date.

Unfortunately - MOST casual texts people send I would consider a 'fluff' text.  

And although I try to never send a woman a 'fluff text' it is especially crucial if this is a woman you barely know - because then her first impression of you is 'boring'.


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